Billy Wolf was founded 11 years ago with a simple goal: To do right by our dogs.  From heritage-inspired designs crafted from durable materials to sustainably-minded practices, we believe our pups deserve the same level of style and quality we seek for ourselves. 

Our Process

Our approach is similar to what you'd see in the studio of any fashion designer. We begin each collection by creating a mood-board of inspiration pulled from our travels, antiquing trips, vintage magazines, our camera roll and more. From there, we hand-sketch new designs. Create samples from scrap fabric. Test-fit on real dogs. Each of our products makes its way down the same path as a high-quality piece of clothing, receiving the same care and attention to detail.That's just the start. We know that what we do next - the production of our products - has a real effect on our world. Every year, the fashion industry produces approximately 4% of our world's waste. We make it a priority to make a minimal contribution to this number and, in everything we do, leave the lightest touch possible on our environment. Our number one source of material is vintage and deadstock fabrics that might otherwise never be used or eventually find its way to a landfill. We've also optimized our shipping materials to be 100% eco-friendly and either reusable or recyclable.

While we do all of these things, we never lose sight of our original goal to do right by your dog. To do this, we look to lessons from the past on what has endured: timeless designs, heritage fabrics, tried and true techniques. From the leather leash perfectly worn to your hand to the signature bandana your neighbors look for on your pup, our bandanas, coats, leashes and collars are pieces that will endure for years. Some dogs play rough; so, we never compromise the quality and durability of our products. And for some animal lovers, finding a stylish dog accessory is just as important as finding a stylish handbag; so, we only make items that we would be happy to wear ourselves. We think both these things - function and style - are equally important and remain committed to only bringing you the very best in both.


Goal : To do right by your dog

We know that the only way to live up to our goals and your expectations is to put all of our effort and integrity behind everything we do. Every Billy Wolf original is made in small batches in the USA, guaranteeing it receives the attention it deserves. Our female founded and operated company is dedicated to doing right by your dog - and each other. We offer fair prices to our customers and fair wages to our team.

We are always looking for new ways to bring Billy Wolf to both you and your dog. Whether through other small brands that share our spirit and goals or by introducing new products to our exclusive collection, we look forward to helping you do right by your dog in our next decade.

~The Billy Wolf team