Make Halloween Fun & Safe For Your Furry Friends!


Dog Costume Party

If you are already planning on dressing up your dog for Halloween, I guarantee that your friends and family have had the same idea! A pet Halloween costume party would be a great place to showcase your spooky baked goods as well! It may be fun to incorporate treat baking into your party, as well. There are so many fun activities that will make your Doggie Halloween Party the hit of the season, here are just a few examples: 

  • Doggie Costume Contest 

  • Costume Parade 

  • Spooky themed photo shoot (with props!) 

  • Bone bobbing - fill a 15” wading pool with warm water, add balls, toys, and treats for your four legged friends to fish out! 

  • Party favors - put together Halloween themed goodie bags with some spooky treats and toys! 

  • Trick for a treat - place a star on the floor and get a bag of treats ready! Every time a doggy does a trick on the star, they get a treat. 

Trick or Treating

For most of us, trick or treating is an inherent part of the Halloween experience! Why not include our beloved pets in this activity? We all know how much our dogs love their walks, and they will be extra excited that the whole family is joining! Make sure that you are monitoring your dog's anxiety level, and remove them from any overwhelming situations. Also be wary of other people’s yards and gardens, and be sure to always clean up after your pet. Whenever taking your dog on an outing, you want to be sure to have water handy! Consider bringing a “candy” bucket for your four-legged friend as well, many people will likely have treats to hand out!





Pick a Spooky Toy

Your dog always loves an excuse for a new toy, no matter the occasion! If your dog is on the more anxious side and may not enjoy partaking in larger activities, such as trick or treating, there are other ways for them to enjoy the festivities! has many fun Halloween toys, including a spooky goody box.

Local Halloween Activities

Unfortunately, many of us are a bit too busy to plan our own Halloween activities, but never fear! There are bound to be some super spooky activities in your area! JB’s Indoor Dog Park in Norwell, MA hosts “Barktoberfest” annually, so that dogs and owners alike can dress up and have a blast. Here in Ogunquit, ME, we host a “Dogtober” Costume Parade. This is backed by the Ogunquit Dog Park, beginning with a beach walk on October 20th, and includes a costume contest, with treats and prizes! A simple google search should show all of the activities in your area.@Pinterest